All in one - Uncapping tray, wax melter, desinficator - BIG

All in one - Uncapping tray, wax melter, desinficator - BIG

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805,00 €

 The tray is udeful for uncapping, wax melting and for desinfection.

It is made of steinless steel. We can do uncapping on two stands and put the frames to the stand. Uncappings are falling into the steinless steel perforated tank where the honey passed through the holes and uncappings stay in the tank.

Uncappings and comb wax we can melt in the same tank. We cover the tray with steinless steel cover, fill in the water and heat to the boiling point. It becomes vapour and escapes through the perforated basket and melts the comb wax. Pure beewax flows out.

The tray is also used for desinfecting the tools, frames and other accessories.

A gas burner is supplied with wax melter. 

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